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Overview of our Game (Game Description)

This Package has additional software -> DirectX Runtime, Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime and EOS (Epic Online Services Bootstrapper) and Easy Anti-Cheat Bootstrapper (Depending On Where you Get the Game From) These will be automaticly installed when you launch the application for the First Time.

This is a Endless Runner game which is an addictive game for ages 3+ but their is alot of new features which help with gameplay and  we have now built into the game they are below:

* Great high quality Graphics GamePlay from the Game
* Using the arrow keys to play not A,W,S,D keys
* Great UI Style + Epic Online Services API's (Login ONLY)
* UI Versioning Is a great way to detimine that you have the up to date version of the game
* Great cameara location and alignment so that you have to use your skills to beat the game.
* This game is good for your mind trying to solve a puzzle

We hope you will have fun, with your freinds.

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